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My name is Ed, and I am 13 years old. I was born with a genetic condition called Oculocutaneous Albinism, which effects my level of pigmentation and causes vision impairment, which makes day to day life a little harder at times, along with this I also have type 1 diabetes. . Now, after primary school, I am working hard and managing with a lot more ease at my school, where I am encouraged, provided with help and support as well as being surrounded by a fun and accepting community. In the past year, I have achieved a number of things that I honestly never thought would happen to me! Firstly, I consider myself pretty good at music, and love both Euphonium, which is a small Tuba like instrument and piano. In brass lessons I am completing my grade 3, and I hope to continue piano further and further because it is definitely something, I enjoy. Secondly, both science and maths were both exciting to me last school year, and I was able to work hard in order to be awarded a scholar award for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math which was a big confidence booster and privilege that I am still proud of. I hope to continue to enjoy school, and continue to try hard but also I think its important for other vision impaired kids to harness their interests and make sure they get the right help to achieve because for everyone it is definitely possible.