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Fizan Basharat


Fizan Basharat was supported by our Teachers of the Deaf for seven years until he was 18.  Now an apprentice at British Airways, he wants to share the success he has had and how his hearing aids have helped with this.  


"From a young age I have had a hearing impairment. Initially I was excited about having hearing aids to boost my hearing and help me in school. But, slowly I have been affected by anxiety around wearing them and trying to be and look normal. This meant that throughout the top-end of primary school and throughout secondary school, I would be constantly asked to wear my hearing aids and use my radio aid to help my hearing. 


Now, I am currently an apprentice at British Airways and work within their head office on exciting new technology projects that change the way cargo is handled around the world. For this though, without my hearing aids and support from my employer (through hearing support and providing hearing equipment), this would not be possible. 


Now I am managing ground-breaking artificial intelligence projects and communicating to different people everyday which has been supported by my hearing aids."