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Chatty Monkeys and Busy Bees



Why don't you come along to one of our preschool groups with your little one!

We always look forward to meeting new families and you would be very warmly welcomed


Our pre-school groups are a great way to meet the SCS team, families and other children who are deaf /hard of hearing or have a vision or multisensory impairment.  


Busy Bees is our group for children with a vision impairment 


Chatty Monkeys is our group for children who are deaf or have a hearing loss


Chatty Monkeys swings and smiles is a group which runs in West Berkshire and is open to both children with hearing loss and a vision impairment



If your child has a multi-sensory impairment, they are welcome to join either group or both!

Please look below for information about dates and venues

You can also get further details from your ToD or QTVI


Our little adventurers had an amazing time bouncing around in the soft play area, exploring the sensory room and playing various instruments during our music session.

We embarked on a thrilling adventure and transformed ordinary pumpkins into masterpieces, getting into the Halloween spirit! 

We had a heart-warming time at our first Busy Bees session of the Academic year! 

Our little explorers had an amazing time diving into the sensory room adventures and bouncing around in the soft play area. 

But that's not all! In celebration of International Peace Day, we created beautiful paper doves ️ as symbols of peace and unity. 

It was a cosy and intimate gathering, and we truly appreciate the families who attended our session.

Stay tuned for more exciting Busy Bees adventures coming your way.

Let's build a brighter future together! 


#BusyBeesAdventures #InternationalPeaceDay #CreatingMemories








 Chatty Monkeys West have a summer picnic to celebrate the end of term and say goodbye to those who are leaving to go to school.   It was such a lovely last session of the academic year.




Our pre school groups love having fun throughout the seasons.


We often get asked what we do at our pre-school groups.  So we thought we would give you a little snapshot of one of our July sessions at Chatty Monkeys - East.

Today we had a little gathering. We made sound makers including shakers and sunshine mobiles with bells! Parents and carers chatted about how their children are doing and friendships developed. 

We discussed some early listening and  language top tips...

Keep signing and/or talking about  everyday routines using lots of repetition ....up down,  where,  milk, finished, smelly nappy, etc.

Play with noisy toys or make your own sound makers...stop and start playing....what do you notice? 

Call your little ones using their names from the side or  from behind. 

Copy any sounds they make. Brrrrr!  Yes, even raspberries! 

Practice turning games to sounds and voice.




Our Busy Bees group love to welcome new people to the group and always have lots of fun



We love the Christmas party season


Pumpkins give a great opportunity to explore the textures as we play.


We had a wonderful time at Chatty Monkeys West this week making butterfly cakes linked to our story of the Hungry Caterpillar who turned into a butterfly.

Developing language and Listening

Baking is such a great opportunity to follow instructions and think about the sequence we do things in. We can also talk about the ingredients, the textures, weighing as well as using lots of verbs such as mixing, stirring, sifting, cracking (eggs), doubling and of course baking. The best part was of course eating the cakes at snack time! Even from a very young age toddlers can get involved.


Our Teachers enjoyed getting ready for our Pre-School group Chatty Monkeys East this week. Once the children arrived they read the story Dear Zoo. They made Zoo animals and practised symbolic sounds ( Animal noises today) by adding them into favourite songs ...The Lion on the bus goes roooar ....all day long! ... The snake on the bus goes ssss!