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Chatty Monkeys and Busy Bees



Why don't you come along to one of our preschool groups with your little one!

We always look forward to meeting new families and you would be very warmly welcomed


Our pre-school groups are a great way to meet the SCS team, families and other children who are deaf /hard of hearing or have a vision or multisensory impairment.  


Busy Bees is our group for children with a vision impairment 


Chatty Monkeys is our group for children who are deaf or have a hearing loss 


If your child has a multi-sensory impairment, they are welcome to join either group or both!

Please look below for information about dates and venues

You can also get further details from your ToD or QTVI

Chatty Monkeys East - Come and join in the fun!

Here are two videos of online crafts we recently did at our Chatty Monkeys online group. If you require subtitles please click on the subtitles button. We would love to see your pictures if you make an owl or a snowflake!

Making a snowy owl with Caroline!

Making snowflakes with Jane!