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Hearing Loss

Introduction to the Berkshire Sensory Consortium Service

Has your little one recently been diagnosed with a hearing loss? In this video Jane Peters (Head of Service) and Lisa Bull (Educational Audiologist) talk about the Berkshire Sensory Consortium Service. They tell you about our Teachers of the Deaf and what you can expect if your child is supported by the Service.

About Hearing Loss


Each year in the UK, between 1 and 4 per thousand children are diagnosed with a permanent childhood hearing impairment (PCHI).  The impact of a significant sensory loss upon the child and family can be substantial. The importance of early detection and interventions such as hearing technologies and Teacher of the Deaf support can help to reduce the impact on the child's development. 


Our Parent Pack (which you can find below) has been designed to provide helpful information and is particularly relevant for families with a recently diagnosed little one.


There are other documents below which you may also find useful


New to hearing aids?

Has your child just been fitted with hearing aids? This video gives some tips about how to check them and maintain them so that they provide your child with the best sound possible

'Some people are shocked when I say I have a magnet in my head' - BBC News

These deaf children have had hearing aids or cochlear implants for most of their lives.But there are still some things you can do to help them understand you...

Hearing- how does it work? | MED-EL